His latest single Super Love Featuring Unathi and Charlieboy represents a transition for him and his craft and he says the experience is overwhelming. He says the single is a dance tune that celebrates love. His love for music is fueled by his goal to represent the people of Venda and to motivate young people.  “I want to represent where I come from because we hardly get any publicity and that leads to our youth being discouraged to express themselves”, he said.

Rabs Vhafuwi works hard to represent his Province and community, Limpopo, Venda through music.  The 36 year old from Rabelani Madula started his musical career as a DJ before exploring the production part.

Vhafuwi credits Charlie Hamilton from Cape Town as the inspiration behind his success. “It was through hard work, patience and perseverance for me to be where I am today”, he said. One of his challenges is getting consistent air play.  “I hear a lot of music that’s not as good as mine getting airplay. I guess sometimes it is because of who you are, where you come from, who you associate yourself with and not the quality of your craft”, he said.

He said upcoming artists should treat their craft with respect it deserves. Further saying they should learn as much as possible about the music industry and have business qualities and treat their craft like any other job. “Never forget that your craft is your investment, learn the music business”, he said. Working with different people motivated him to keep pushing even when doors were not opening he never stopped knocking. “Never release anything you don’t feel comfortable with “, he said.

Vhafuwi also said having good PR management and marketing is very important and one must remain humble. “It is good to work with different people because you learn a lot from how they do things”, he said.  He added that the industry is big enough for everyone and it should be focusing on embracing new talent. “My future plan is to develop talent especially from disadvantaged backgrounds “, he said. Bringing opportunities to Venda is the one of the things he wants for his province and community.


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