“Anything that you put you mind to, you can do it”, those were the exact words from Jameson Mahlangu who is the founder of Street Kulture movement and Joy2Ears. Street Kulture is a movement which basically focuses on development of young people. Whereas Joy2Ears is described as a South African deep and soulful music podcast.

The movement is led by 5 young, ambitious and innovative young people. It basically focuses on empowering the young and talented upcoming artists and innovative people. Thus it aims at exposing the talent that always goes unnoticed in the townships and empower upcoming businesses.

“Joy2Ears is relevant to online”, Jameson told Tsa Pitori that the reason why they officially launched Joy2Ears was to make it more known to the public eye because people are unaware of this project. They gather on a monthly basis and they have 3 resident DJs and they usually invite two guests to perform as well. The DJs play different sounds such as down tempo, new jazz and deep house.

Themba “Mthimbanator” Monyoko, who is the co-founder of Street Kulture and Joy2Ears said they have broad objectives in a way that they are trying to resuscitate township economy by being participants. He told Tsa Pitori that they have a couple of industries that they focused on. “We are mostly focusing on music, fashion, poetry, crafts and entrepreneurship/businesses”-said Themba. They are trying to be as innovative as possible.

The team emphasized that they are planning to pursue technology and innovation. They want to bring the Department of Education and Department of Science and Technology on board. This is to advance the entrepreneurs that are based in the townships. The founders of Street Kulture movement have a strong believe that the movement will help a lot of young people who are innovative and talented. Provide a pedestal for those who want to show to the world what they can do with their hands and voices.


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