The EFF’s head of international relations, Godrich Gardee, will take on the case of Nontobeko Shongwe, 21, who alleges she was hospitalized at Pretoria’s Steve Biko Academic Hospital in November of last year for nine days. This led to an inadvertent cut across Shongwe’s veins being blamed for the emergency amputation.

Her left knee had been giving her problems, and she had been in and out of hospitals.The legal team is pursuing a mega-payout, as revealed by Godrich Gardee this week.  A charge of R50 million, according to Shongwe, Gardee, and the firm, is a suitable settlement figure.

The doctor who performed the operation is accused of ‘severe carelessness’ and’reckless professional behavior,’ according to them. Godrich Gardee Attorneys believes that the damages are so warranted.

According to Pretoria News the  incredibly traumatic incident left the young student shell-shocked, and she struggled to finish her studies, and as a result, she missed out on a university spot.

The doctor has admitted to egregious carelessness and reckless medical professional conduct in the conditions of the exposure. In light of all of this, we have been directed to seek R50 million in general and specific damages compensation, Gardee explained.

By: Khensani Khoza.

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