Greetings friends of Mawisa and @Tsa_Pitori readers at large. Welcome to your monthly dosage of Infotainment. This is rather a sad month as we pay tribute to our fallen star Dj LadyM. First and foremost I apologise from the bottom of my heart for not writing this tribute earlier on. When LadyM’s passing was announced, the sadness that was amongst fellow colleagues was unbearable. Her passing wasn’t expected a lot of “why?”, “what happened?” and “no not her” took place.


LadyM  was one of  the talented female DJ’s in Pretoria. You will remember that we profiled her last year August for our women’s month edition. Also remember that she was a member of Strong Roots, amongst other things. She had a fair share of traveling around South Africa and also shared the stage with the who’s who of the musicindustry. Her short illness made her take a break from the hustle but she was slowly planning a comeback. However death had other plans for her.

Her passion for the music and entertaining the masses will surely not be forgotten, especially in this male dominated and ever evolving  industry. I’m glad our hustles crossed paths, and glad I shared good memories with her. Every time I miss her I will just fill that void with those good memories. The likes of the legendary Dj Mike Dallas who was LadyM’s mentor, DJ Fortee, Dj Noise, Dj Divalash, Dj Nino Brown, Tebogo Rapodile to mention a few were there to pay their respect.


She was laid to rest at Mabopane Cemetery. She deserved the dignified send off she was given. To her fans, friends, colleagues and family rest assured that heaven has gained an angel. She will always live within our hearts.

May Her Soul Rest In Peace.

Nothing but Gods Love, Peace and Blessings Upon You All.




Edited By: @DAVE_BALO.

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