Self-proclaimed prophet Shepherd Bushiri on Friday shared photographs  of a visiting church delegation from SA with him in Malawi. He had taken the delegation to a prayer mountain on Thursday and “personally” baptised them in Lake Malawi. Meanwhile the Bushiri’s are expected back in court in Malawi on Thursday for the continuation of the extradition case.

A fraud-related case against Bushiri and his wife, Mary, has been postponed by the High Court in Pretoria. The matter relates to a luxury jet, which has been seized by the State The State believes that the 1984 Gulfstream jet was bought through the proceeds of crime.

The Bushiris, who were meant to go on trial in the Gauteng High Court in Pretoria for fraud, money laundering and the contravention of the Prevention of Organised Crime Act, are still on the run. The charges related to offences they allegedly committed in 2015, which included the contravention of exchange control regulations and involved foreign currency of $1 147 200 (around R15 million at the time).

The case against the couple was postponed to 1 November in their absence. Their lawyer was also not present when the matter was rolled over pending the finalisation of their extradition hearing in Malawi.

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