A chilled and soulful Sunday session is what Mamelodians needed, according to Papi Maromo, The Chief Executive Officer of Santorini lounge and restaurant. Born and breed in Mamelodi, Papi has been running Santorini for 3 successful years. He describes Santorini lounge and restaurant as a chilled place that bring Mamelodi residents together.

He says Santorini is for people who like to have laid back fun, who like to relax and socialise. Papi said to Tsa Pitori that his lounge and restaurant inherited its name from Santorini in Greece. He says Santorini started as a tavern. He wanted to transform it to a more laid-back place. That is how Santorini came about.

Recently, Santorini hosted a Soulful sunsets session with Sinhle Lehoko from Metro FM. Papi told Tsa Pitori that these standards of events are always held at Santorini. He said soulful Sunsets are the 4th Sunday session Santorini has hosted.

According to Papi, these kinds of events fill up Santorini because that is when people respond with enthusiasm. He told Tsa Pitori that Santorini is not just a lounge and restaurant that hosts Sunday soul sessions. He says Santorini also generates profit that later assists his customers and people from around his area. “Santorini donates food parcels and cakes especially at funerals”-Papi told Tsa Pitori.

Papi said they recently had a cook out at Santorini. The profit that was made from the cookout was later used to give back to the community. Papi said the reason why he gives back to his community is because they support him so much hence Santorini is a success. “Most of my staff is from around my area. I hire them because I want to show appreciation for the support they have been giving me”-Papi.

Papi told Tsa Pitori that he is planning to open another branch in Mamelodi. He aims at decreasing the high number of unemployed youths in Mamelodi. Papi told Tsa Pitori that he is still going to have more Sunday soulful sessions to bring his people together.


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