I’m happy to dish out another installment of nothing but pure infotainment news. Speaking of which,
I had an opportunity to chat with my colleague one of the best female DJ’s in the block,  DJ SoulBee a force to be reckoned with from Mabopane about an event she’s busy planning,

Kindly check out our conversation below on the Hot Box.

Q. Who is DJ SoulBee at home when she’s not behind the decks or coordinating an event?
A. A daughter, sister and a mother to a beautiful baby girl, she is now 2years old. I just love spending time with family, it helps build the bonds of relationships while incorporating fun. If I’m not with family I enjoy having some me time, just listening to some soulful house or a visit to a spa for some relaxation, I also enjoy spending time with friends (clubbing, movies, getaways, etc)

Q. Before we could get to the business of the day, kindly tell us how it feels to be a lady DJ?
A. It is a largely male dominated industry but there are an ever increasing number of women appearing on the scene and there is some amazing female talent already out there. I am pretty sure people did not easily accept the idea that a woman could do this job. It has its challenges, it definitely took a lot of hard work and sweat to break through. To become a successful DJ one must give in 110% effort, regardless of gender.

Q. What are you bringing to the masses as a lady deejay and what can your fans expect from you this year?
A. Female DJ making a mark and it’s no longer about gender, it’s about how hard you work and how well you do your job. I am always looking for new ways to reinvent and keep the DJ SoulBee name/brand exciting and to see myself everywhere *lol*

Q. So let’s get to it, tell us about the event you working on.
A. Capital Good Vibez and SoulBee presents the lifestyle picnic. Capital Good Vibez is a Pretoria based lifestyle event that encompasses concept with good vibes to the modern hipster. The aim is to create an activation platform for different brands to showcase elements which can be enjoyed in a picnic setup, good music, good food and good vibes. The event will be held at Andy’s Industrial Chisanyama in Mabopane

Q. How did the idea come about?
A. We always had a passion for creativity and one way we can showcase our passion (e.g food, music and fashion) is to bring them all together through a lifestyle picnic. This is one of many experiential platforms that Capital Good Vibez will be launching.

Q. In terms of the artist line up, what was the criteria when it comes to selecting artists who will perform?

A.There was no specific criteria used, we are just allowing great local Pretoria based talent an opportunity to showcase their work.

QFrom my understanding there’s a fashion division within the life style picnic event & truth be told the pop up fashion idea has been done to death & I honestly think organizers haven’t really nailed it in terms of the delivery, what’s expected from the fashion side of things, secondly what makes picnic lifestyle stand out from the rest and do you think people of Mabopane including surrounding areas are ready for an event of this magnitude?
. Our thoughts are that most organizers haven’t nailed the pop up stalls at events because they don’t see it adding value to their events but rather as another income stream. Our passion for fashion is allowing us to source great local Pretoria talent and gives them an opportunity to showcase their work to the event attendees. We aim to build a great network of local fashionistas who we can work with in our future projects. These concepts have been done before, but with every attempt it’s a learning experience to better the offering. The fashion element is aimed to encourage Pretoria youth to grow their businesses. It’s a platform that hasn’t been done in Mabopane, it’s time we start igniting Pretoria youth to engage in this initiatives.

Q. What message would you like to send out to everyone who looks up to you, especially ladies thinking of venturing on the same path as you?
. It’s not as easy as it looks but if you are ready to work hard on your passion and talent nothing and no one can stop you. Be passionate about what you do and success will follow. Always remember the people while climbing up the ladder and stay humble.

That’s it from our lady DJ, people let’s support local content in order to raise the flag high and rally behind local talent.

Nothing but God’s blessings, love and peace upon you all.

Lekamoso leng thekge!


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  • January 24, 2015 at 10:24 am

    I love the concept my friend and I know your hands produce class.
    I’m proud my choms


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