A lot of Hip Hop platforms have been put up for fellow Hip Hop artists but then after a short period of time, they fade away.

The biggest questions in my mind are:
1. Is there unity within the Hip Hop scene?

2. Isn’t society supportive towards such platforms?

3. Are artists being exploited at such events?

After asking myself this crucial questions, from my view I then understood why hip hop brands have gone to online platforms to push their hustle. Truth be told online platforms have been helpful but then that’s not enough. Reason being such platforms are set to place and prepare you for bigger stages as an artist. Hence I urge emerging artist to make use of such platforms, until they’re stable brands. Where he or she will be able to move the crowd & be able to deliver to the crowd.

So last week my fellow colleague DJ Ize invited me to his event called Fabulous Hip Hop Fridays that took place at trendy Something Fab cafe/club, which I didn’t attend due to other commitments. So let’s find out from him why the Fabulous Hip Hop Fridays are back for the 2nd time around.

••• Hot Box with DJ Ize •••

DJ Ize

Q. DJ Ize welcome to Tsa_Pitori Online Mag, please tell us when did the love for Hip Hop start?
A. It started in the late 80’s, that era of MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, Ice T, Toyota Top 20. I have started dejaying professionally in 2000 using vinyls at a club called Voodoo Lounge Sunnyside. Alongside Black Coffee (Dj Nathi then), Bubbles, Sisco & Tani and Rowick Deep.

Q. How long have you been a Hip Hop DJ?
A. I started dejaying in 1996, back then I used cassette tapes and CDs, using a pencil to rewind my tape whilst the other one is playing. There were no CD-Rs or mp3’s then, we only had TDK cassettes.

Q. Why choose to be a Hip Hop DJ and not a House DJ?
A. My 1st love was Hip Hop, I have tried House too but it doesn’t fulfill me the way Hip Hop does.
There are fewer Hip Hop DJs currently same as before as S.A market is dominated by House music.
But lately Hip Hop is on the rise.

Q. Take us through the Fabulous Hip Hop Fridays?
A. I pitched this idea to a lot of club owners but only a few had confidence in Hip Hop.
In this case Something Fab saw a gap and the scarcity of Hip Hop in our local scene and they decided to go with it. Mainly it’s myself, I feature a new DJ every week, and new artists to expose themselves to the market. We have a lot of talent locally so my mission is exposing that talent to everyone, this happens every Friday.

Q. Are Fabulous Hip Hop Fridays here to stay?
A. That’s the plan but at the end of the day, the venue is running a business and its expected to deliver to its patrons. If Hip Hop guys and girls come through every week, definitely it will last. Currently I’m on a short contract to test the waters to see if the business side of things can work through support. If it works out then there is one more reason to continue it.

Q. After the first inception of the event, from your point of view what makes the event different from other Hip Hop movements set to promote this genre of music?
A. Firstly we’re hosting it at the most fabulous place Sosha has to offer.
This is a 5 star venue. We’re also trying to get normal people to get used to Hip Hop. Most Hip Hop movements I see are too hardcore and are for Hip Hop heads only. If you attend one of the events you will notice that even people who don’t follow Hip Hop do enjoy the set-up as we are very good in terms of delivering to those who don’t follow Hip Hop.

Q. So what’s the procedure for an emerging Hip Hop artists looking forward to showcase his or her talent at the event?
A. They should inbox me the links of their music on my Facebook account “DJ Ize Isaac Makgoba ” so I can give them a listen and slot them in for the next coming events. We feature about 3 artists who can perform 2 of their best tracks.

Q. What’s your message to fellow Hip Hop artists?
A. I encourage them to keep on doing what they believe in, no matter how difficult this industry is. One day it’s gonna work out just fine.

In conclusion we all should have an ear for music in order to cross over to other genres of music.
At the end of the day we need each other, we need to support each other. I hope artists will see to it that they go and make use of this platform, so that the genre of Hip Hop can be preserved within kasi.


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