After she lost her child the 20 year old Karabo Mboyane from Soshanguve started an initiative to help the poor by donating clothes and food. Currently she is not attending school nor working but giving herself to improve the lives of newborn babies. The project is called Nomfundo Project, it was named after the first child she donated food and clothes too. The aim of the project is to donate clothes and food to new mothers who are in need.

The project depends on donations. “Our first donor was the owner of Baroka funeral “, she says. Mboyane also uses her own saved money to keep the project going. She loves children and tries her best to help where she can. “I feel bad seeing infants suffer while I can make a difference”, she says. Transport is her primary challenge because sometimes they get donations from people who live far. “We also have difficulties with donating to people who live far because we don’t have our own transport or finances to hire one”, she says. It’s also not easy to get donations, she added.

Mboyane was raised by a single mother all her life and says she would love to see her project growing and getting more sponsors. She would also like to open a home or orphanage for children who are in need. “I wish to have a home or orphanage for my little babies who are abandoned in this cruel world. As young as I am I just want to be an example to the youth of South Africa, she added. She urges people of South Africa to help the needy and make a difference in their communities.

By: Phozisa Mandela.

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