On Friday afternoon a suspect believed to be an ATM robber was involved in a shoot-out with a police officer which led to the suspects arrest while receiving medical treatment. The suspect was shot in the head in what he and his co-accused claimed to have been a hijacking. He was apprehended while undergoing surgery to remove a bullet from the back of his head.

Sinoville police spokesperson warrant officer Johan van Dyk explained that police had been tip-off when a hired Datsun Go covered in bullets holes arrived at the Netcare Montana Hospital at noon. They arrested the injured suspect, who was transferred to a state hospital under police surveillance, and his alleged associate while they were seeking medical treatment, as reported by IOL.

The two were allegedly among four suspected robbers who had targeted an elderly woman in Soshanguve, who was withdrawing money at an ATM. According to Van Dyk commenting on the robbery, he said “On Friday afternoon, four men robbed a woman at gunpoint in Soshanguve. A police officer on duty who witnessed the robbery responded. The suspects opened fire and he responded by firing shots at their vehicle, “says Van Dyk.

He continued to say when the suspects arrived at the hospital to look for help, their story didn’t add up. The suspects pretended to be victims of a hijacking and the story they told investigating police officers  kept changing. “By further investigation, police received information about the earlier robbery and could connect the suspects to robbery and shoot-out.”

“The suspect underwent surgery where a bullet was removed from the back of his head, he is currently in ICU under police guard and as soon as he’s examined and evaluated, he will be taken into custody,” said Van Dyk.

By: Nthabiseng Makhubela.

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