Soshanguve extension 14 residents have raised their grievances about poor service delivery. Their grievances range from lack of safe drinking water supply, refuse collection, electricity and no street lights. The residents say they have been neglected for a long time.

Alexta Matlala, one of the residents said that “This area is underdeveloped, there are illegal electricity connections which endanger children’s lives. The electricity constantly cut offs at anytime without us being notified, while we are busy cooking or our children busy working on their homeworks. We suffer a lot with infrastructure, not to mention illegal dumping. We don’t have tap water, we have to travel a certain distance to get water from the river. This section is full of shacks, the streets are short and complicated.”

Nomsa Cala, another resident said “Our ward councillor needs to take us serious, we are also human beings. This area is not in a good standard for us. There are no tarred roads, nor streetlights. As a result there is a high rate of crime because it’s dark at night. This section has illegal dumping making this area unhealthy and dirty. Officials make fake promises before elections to bribe us into voting for them, as soon as they obtain this positions they forget about the residents need.”

Another resident a 13 year old pupil said “ There is no tap water, we get water from the river. We bath with cold water due to electricity cut offs. There are no tarred roads, after rainy days the streets get filled with water, causing my school transport to be unable to enter this area. I am required to walk a certain distance to catch my transport almost outside this area. Illegal connections are not safe, you’d find children playing near open illegal connectios.”The residents stated that they are not benefiting anything from the government projects. They plead to be taken serious by their councillor.

The City of Tshwane and the councillor were yet to commenr by time of publishing.

By: Mbali Mabena.

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