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We are living in conditions that are unbearable as Young people only because the Generation before us didn’t create wealth and never preserved opportunities for us. 2022 we will be marshaling all young people of our society in a program called knock and drop My CV. If we don’t stand up we will remain a generation that is not only landless but we will remain jobless, futureless because the captain of industries continues to exploit us. The economy of the jungle needs us to jangle around to be able to be the beneficiaries of the economy in which we are excluded.

We will fight poverty with every tool we have. It’s incorrect that we go to school not guaranteed a job afterwards. Join us as we push captains of industries to hire Young people in our society not only that but create skillful centers as it is their CSI( Community Social investment Programs) commitment.

We shall fight until a black child eats better than a dog of a white man.

Knock and drop My CV will be at

Venue: Sunbake Mabopane industrial site
Time: 08:00 am

Meeting point block CV Park

Let’s fight against the stigma of young people who are part of the stats of graduates who are nyaope addicts as a result of joblessness.

To fight drugs we have to keep young people committed to community development in absentia of any activity drug becomes an activity let’s fight against this!!!!

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Deputy Chair

Zito Mahlangu


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