Rapper and producer Solo released the final piece of his trilogy titled C plenty dreams. Tsa Pitori met with him in the buzzing heart of Pretoria CBD, 012 African Beer Emporium to talk about his latest offering. Spotting a camouflage print shirt and military green track pants it is easy to see why the rapper has been voted one of the best stylish men in our country by GQ magazine.

If you have been living under the rock and have no idea who I am talking, I introduce to you, the award winning Zothile Langa affectionately known to his fans as Solo. His claim to fame came in 2014 when he won best newcomer award at the South Africa Hip Hop Awards. However it is his distinctive sound and sharp tongue that caught the attention of Kabomo Vilakazi, and captured the heart of many across the country even critics are calling him a breath of fresh air to hip hop.

Like many other artists Solo was introduced to hip hop at an early age. It is when he learnt how to write his own music that honed his skills that would later make him a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Following the success of his debut album Dreams A Plenty and Dreams B Plenty, the last piece of the puzzle has something for everyone. The 18 track album features heavyweights in the industry like long time friend and award winner Kwesta, RnB singer Langa Mavuso and his wife Dineo Langa.

The album has a touch of homegrown sound of African jazz and the tribal sounds of baxa and shona to the sound that defined our townships in the 90s Kwaito. He described C plenty dreams as a refined album that invites the listener to his life journey as it captures the most important events in his life and essence of who he is.

In times where everyone succumbs to the societal expectations he says that he hopes that his journey inspires people to understand that it is okay to be different. “In times when everyone looks and sounds the same it is easy to lose yourself. We are all following a blue print, it can be a good thing in a community but does it speak for individuality? We have become fearful of being different and it has robbed us off the true essence of who we are. I hope listeners walk away with sense of self and the assurance of knowing its okay to be you” he says.

In a competitive industry where artists are known to easily lose themselves and conform to industry standards he relays that he takes prides in being able to fulfill the dream of his younger self. “The trilogy has always been a dream of mine since its inception in 2008 and being able to fulfill it is a blessing. I call it the art to follow through, that many of us in the industry are yet to master. As a creative you get tired and you start to question your vision. People get tired as well but being able to put out my work and have people receive it the way they did, I couldn’t be any happier”, Solo.

He attributes his success to his wife Dineo and his team. “I have been surrounding myself with the same people since the beginning of my music career. It is about being with the same partner, same producers and management team. In my weak days, they have served as reminders to step up the course”.

The rapper in collaboration with @betr_gang and Jo’burg theatre will make history as he becomes the first local rapper to turn his body work into a theatrical play. Dreamers ABCs is a depictions of the trilogy and Solo’s life journey, the audience will be taken on a trip down memory lane as they watch the visual interpretation of their favorite songs. He explains that this project is the biggest production he has worked on following the three part wedding docu-series with his wife Dineo, Kwakuhle kwethu.

“Script writing is something that I am not familiar with, but we have been working tirelessly to bring the story to life. It is a big production with live music, actors, choreographers, dancers etc”, said Solo. Tickets are available at web tickets @R150.00 C plenty dreams is available at all music platforms.


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