I recently went through a rough patch and to top it up, I had to deal with an unsympathetic boss and an accounts manager who would do anything even if it means compromising other people’s feelings just to get approval.  I had to go home to bury my brother which caused a lot of problems for me at work, that and other host of things. I was angry I wanted to speak out and voice my frustrations.  Just like most of us I wanted to turn to social media and shame my employers. But I didn’t because I value my career and myself more to just let anger control my behaviour.

We all have a breaking point and most of the time social networks are our first stop to trash people or speak out about good and bad times in our lives. But not all of us take into account the impact it may have on others even worse on ourselves. Social media is a powerful tool that can make or break us. It is our responsibility to use it wisely and with great caution.

Don’t wet the bed you lay on, this is basic but why is it so hard for most of us to practice.  No matter how bad you think your boss is, he/she is still the one paying the notes towards your bill, even if you leave your current job, employers looking to recruit use social networks to investigate potential candidates. Imagine missing your big break over a nasty status or tweet trashing your employer. Like KO puts it in his verse on run Jozi “Next thing you know your career is over, ntwana over some characters?”  For me this is the greatest lesson about internet for all of us.

Next time you pick up your phone to tweet/facebook/Instagram think about the image you’re trying to portray or the picture you want to paint to the world or to your future boss and or even a potential business associate. Don’t lose great opportunities because of a tweet that was written out of anger or pure ignorance. As much as most of us deny it, we are a reflection of our social network presence. We cannot be separated from what we tweet or Facebook. It is an extension of our character and personality.

Responsible Tweeting and Facebooking everyone!!!

By: K

Edited By: K

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