Lucky Mashigoane, otherwise known as Slaga is a Soshanguve born producer, songwriter, software developer and a DJ. Lucky got his name “SLAGA” from his friends. He started making beats on his computer using software at a very tender age of 12. When he was 15 years old he started doing actual music production. Being a software developer and a music producer gives him an opportunity to bring whatever he is imagining to reality.  Slaga says he has perfected his craft over the years and he is now musically matured and ready to make an impact in the music industry.

Slaga told Tsa Pitori that being a producer is very interesting because he gets to invent his own sounds. Slaga focuses more on house music, deep house, but he also produces other genres such as hip hop and afro soul. He describes his music as a spiritual feeling that reach other people’s souls and touch them differently.  Slaga wants to accommodate different audiences.

This year, Slaga has big plans for his fans, “I have so much music to offer to my fans this year, as well as collaborations with cool brands”, Slaga said. He has recently released a single titled ‘I Will House You’ where he featured Nox Man, the single is doing very well according to Slaga. He says he will be pushing his single to reach more people because he believes it’s one of his best productions. Hopefully, a music video will come out very soon.  He also released a song under Deeper Shades of House in the USA, owned by a house music pioneer Lars Barenroth.

He is very selective when it comes to performing at gigs and he has a specific way of presenting his music to the people. “I spend most of my time either programming or in studio, so I don’t take a lot of gigs”-Slaga said. He says he is very selective of how he presents his music to the people. 

 Slaga has worked with house music legend, Harrison Crump but their single is not yet out. “I believe once the single is out, it’s going to blow people’s minds away”, Slaga told Tsa Pitori.  He has also managed to attract companies like Vibrasel Entertainment for sponsorship. One of his future plans is to work with Rihanna and the legendary house maestro Ronald Clerk. His advice to young and upcoming producers “they must start with the basics, and their inspiration will lead them to the right direction”- Slaga.


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