Sinky Tshinyelo from Limpopo and now a resident in Gauteng is the brains behind an incredible machine meant to help flatten the curve of Covid -19. “I was sitting and thinking about how to keep our people safe and came up with an idea, but I was worried about funding and manufacturing.

I gave Mr Donald Steenberg a call. He is the CEO and Founding member of Mr Taillifts. He was extremely overwhelmed with the initiative and we discussed the idea. Mr Steenberg came up with an idea on how to manufacture a low cost model together.” He said.

Tshinyelo said he was happy about the machine because he new it would help save people from this deadly virus. He further said it can be applied to the working environment and save many South African lives from the Covid -19 pandemic. He also wants to teach people about the importance of personal hygiene. The machine sanitises the whole body, destroying all traces of the pandemic.

“We want to thank everyone for their support, as it will make a difference in our beautiful country. I would also like to thank Mr Donald Steenberg ( Mr Taillift) for his continued support and guidance.” He said. #ladi_jaja?

Article By: Dave Balo.

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