Sarah Chego, a single mother of 11-year-old, Blessing Chego says that her child is struggling with his studies at Mahube Valley Primary School, in Mamelodi. The 33 year old said they feel neglected by the department of education and his son’s school. “All I ask is for assistance from anyone who can help refer my son to a suitable school where he will be taught, including to write his name, numbers and to speak properly. I am worried because his time is getting wasted. At the age of 11 he is still doing grade 4 and had to repeat some grades already.” Said Chego.

“I’ve tried to reach out for help and his teachers told me that they have sent out documents to the department for assistance, I am not blaming anyone, I just want the best school for my son. I am a single parent whose in need of support,” she added. Blessing Chego, the victim said “It’s hard for me to go to school because my friends are laughing at me every time I try to talk or whenever I am trying to write. I am tired, sometimes I feel like not going to school.”

One of the teachers from his school said “We’ve tried everything we can to assist Blessing, we’ve have given him the best care. He is been struggling to write or to speak, we going to do follow up with the department of education with regards of speeding the process of getting him a suitable school,” When Tsa Pitori contacted the Department of Education. The department said “they don’t have any traces of Blessing Chego in their system, however they prioritize every learners needs. The parent must come and do a follow up.”

By: Mbali Mabena.

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