It’s that time again for another weekly dosage of great infotainment, yes of course I’m talking about #Kasivibes. This week we chat to Bliss Capcity born as Amanda Blissful on 21 January 1993 at Elandspoort and is now based in Soshanguve, Pretoria. She started mastering her craft at the age of 13, Bliss Capcity continues to captivate her fans with her sound which is a touch of soul, hip hop, club and trap to date. We will be celebrating her talent and she will be letting us in on her journey and how she survives as a female rapper in this male dominated rap business. Do check out the Fresh Box below.



Q. Most musicians either grew up in a musical family or they started in a church choir, is it the same for you?
A. I grew up in a musical family. My father was a Gospel singer, sister was a contemporary jazz singer and my brother was an underground rapper, hip hop chose me I guess. I used to steal my brother’s CD’s and I would play them when he was not around. This other day he came back unexpectedly and caught me turning up to his favorite CD. I actually thought that he was going to kill me, but to my surprise he joined the party instead. Later that night, he taught me how to construct a rap song.

Q. When did it all start for Bliss Capcity?
A. I wrote my first song at the age of 8, recorded for the first time at the age of 15. I recorded at Ruff Ratz Records owned by Mpho Nkoane aka Kusco. I remember thinking that after one song I was going to be rich and famous. Amazingly, I received a positive feedback from different people of all ages, and that gave me the strength to keep on going. I won’t stop pruning my craft to perfection.

Q. How did the Stage name Bliss Capcity come about?
A. My real name is Blissful and I’m from Pretoria which is the capital city of South Africa. Many people struggled to pronounce my name Blissful. I saw the need to come up with a suitable and easy to pronounce name since most people struggled. My friend suggested ‘Bliss CapCity’ a combination of my real name and the city that I’m from (Pretoria/Capital City).

Q. What inspires your music?
A. My biggest inspiration is music in general. I love the sound and the words. I draw inspiration from listening to other genres outside of my own. I enjoy listening, witnessing and participating in the combination of the two. I love the sight of people’s reaction when they hear my songs, it inspires me. As well as what happens around me.

Q. Take us through challenges you are facing as a female rapper in the industry?
A. Firstly, breaking into the rap genre as a female holds heavy implications. Many people are refusing to acknowledge the power of the position female rappers hold. It is now becoming an increasing struggle for us female rappers to have or to create our own Identity in the industry that normalizes the dehumanization of females as a whole. For instance, most of the lyrics sang by male artists spout off words that reduce women to nothing more than sex symbols or something to be ogled at.

Q. Why hip Hop and not any genre of music?
A. I am obsessed with hip hop, it’s my culture, it is me and I’m hip hop. It helps me speak about things I wouldn’t normally speak about outside hip hop. Hip hop is my soul, it is more than just music.

Q. Tell us more about your collaboration with Gigi Lamayne?
A. I met Gigi LaMayne through Mpho Bentey her manager, who heard about me from one of his colleagues who attended the same hip hop sessions hosted in Soweto with me. After a few hang outs with them they called me up to work on a track with her. We did and the rest is history ha, ha.

Q. For you to be a member of Pimp Cash Entertainment how did that come about?
A. I was signed to Macu Arts Production (M.A.P) when Pimp Cash Entertainment came into my life. I met with Tebogo Tj Makhubela(Manager) and JayCee(CEO) of Pimp Cash Entertainment, who convinced me to join the team.

Q. Lastly a word of motivation to those that look up to you?
A. I am a short young lady yet, I have tall people looking up to me. “Believe in yourself. Become your own cheerleader. Be different because we can’t all dance to the same tune”. If they tell you otherwise? Ke #NONSONSO(it’s rubbish)

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Cell: 061 099 8707


Facebook: Bliss CapCity
Twitter: @BlissCapCity
Instagram: @BlissCapCity

Nothing but God’s peace, love and blessings upon you all and I do appreciate your continued support, it’s overwhelming and without you all out there I’m nothing.


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