It’s that time again for another great installment of #kasivibes, where local artists are celebrated, well this week it’s no different at all. I got to sit down and talk to Koketso ‘Stadic ‘ Maboe, a songwriter, producer, musician, rapper and dancer from Winterveldt(north of Pretoria). Keep it locked to #kasivibes to find out more of what Stadic has in store for us.



Q. Hello and welcome to @Tsa_Pitori Online Magazine.
A. Hey and thanks again for giving me this opportunity, I really appreciate it

Q. To those who don’t know you, please tell us who is Stadic?
A. I am Stadic, a music producer and rapper.

Q. How do you balance the two, being a producer and a rapper?
A. It comes natural to me, I have always loved the two but now my team helps me a lot. Me and my two brothers 3rd and Twace produce together, when it comes to rapping well I draw inspiration from reality so it’s easy that way.

Q. Quickly give us a snippet of your current projects respectively for this year?
A. Firstly shout out to CapCityClique, we’re currently working on their first project. As well as an EP titled “Presidential” by 3rd and Twace. I’m also working on Murder Sin’s EP which is titled “closer than yesterday”. Lastly my 2 EP’s called “re-discovering self” and “learn to listen and listen 2 learn”.

Q. Between being a producer and rapping, which one is your first love?
A. To be honest it’s rapping, growing up I was always that kid that no one wanted because I was crazy, so I found peace in playing rap music and I found myself when I started rapping.

Q. What’s your distinctive sound?
A. Our sound is 808 mixed with a little bit of hell and a slice of heaven and we call it murder music

Q.A lot of local hip hop artists come and go, what do you think is the problem and what advice can you give them?
A. This may sound cliché but:
Passion is key.
Consistency is essential.
Do what you love.
Never follow trends.
Remember you will never lose a fan if you do what they initially loved you for, so upgrade but never sell out.

Q. How do you see the future of SA hip hop?
A. SA hip hop is evolving at a rapid pace. I see it manifested to something bigger than the state its currently in. For instance you say S.A hip hop but you never say American hip hop but hip hop is hip hop, rap is rap, words are words. The reason I relate to a J Cole ,Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne and 2pac is that we grew up in different parts of the world but the things they rap about is my reality. We give them mad love for that but Tumi, Ricky Rick, Prodi, Stadic and DC do the same thing but just because we’re South Africans we don’t get the same love and respect. I hope in the future we will overcome that.

Social Platforms /Booking Info
Contact Number: 0765065175 – Stadic
Facebook: Koketso Stadic Maboe
Twitter: @the_real_STADIC

••• THE END •••

Stadic was influenced by rappers B.I.G and 2 Pac from a tender age, this led him to form a band called ‘Young Boys’ together with Tebogo Molele and Simphiwe Khosa. The band was formed in 2007,that’s the same year he opened up a recording studio. Stadic has produced for the likes of Jaycee, Blaqbone, Prodigenious, FlexP, DC to name a few.

He is also the founder of Murder Sin and co-founder of Sgandi Hip Hop, a movement set up for artist in Winterveldt. As a solo artist he managed to win a number of rap competitions around Pretoria such as “Off The Top” in 2008 and “Essence” in 2009. His songs get played on TUT FM and Tshwane FM. He also shared the stage with a lot of big names in the industry.

Let me love and leave you with the following words and promise me you will affirm yourself with this words every morning “I am Bright, I am Blessed, I am Brave and I am Beautiful”


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5 thoughts on “SGANDI’S FINEST STADIC.

  • August 29, 2015 at 1:32 pm

    He aint just a Musician,Producer and all thats mentioned above… But he is an inspiration 2 me… And the rest of ma G’s… #BloodGang

  • August 29, 2015 at 2:06 pm

    One of the hard working niggas I’ve ever met in capcity

  • August 29, 2015 at 7:48 pm

    Passion is KEY,true tht i rmber whn i was shockin in his studio,he took tym n showd me how to do the real tang,

  • December 6, 2020 at 1:29 pm

    I would say this is one. You nailed it completely from
    beginning to end. To write this you may have worked
    for research.
    King regards,
    Lunding Dencker


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