On Tuesday the 12 of April, the Pretoria High Court granted a further postponement to the Senzo Meyiwa murder trial with extension of extra five working days, this comes after Adv Z. Mshololo requested these days to consult with the witness to better build their defense for accused number 5, Sifikuhle Ntuli since it is stated that the witnesses are in different locations (KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng).

“If we were given the statements months ago, we would be in a better position to proceed with this trial therefore we are requesting for further five days to consult with witnesses outside the province’’ Adv. Z. Mshololo. She feels ambushed as she did not get adequate time to consult with her client during the preparation of the trial since she encountered problems reaching Sifikuhle as the Department of Correctional Services did not grant her access.

Adv Teffo was left hopeless as he stated that his clients do not even know what they are charged for and requested the state to put charges before them so that they can plea. He also made clear that he is ready for the commencement of the trial, he said ‘’this trial must start as in like yesterday.’’

“Kelly feels very positive, she is of good spirit, she has been looking forward to this and it is now here, and we anticipate closure because there is family involved, a child that has lost her dad and this is important for the purpose of herself and moving forward” said Magdalene Moonsamy who represents the famous actress and singer Kelly Khumalo.

Outside the Court  the Sister of Senzo Meyiwa- Nomalanga Meyiwa reflected on the judgement of what conspired today and she said “as much as it does not sit well with us as a family, cause we thought that today we would get answers about what will happen to the accused, but we hoping as the Judge said that we also have rights as a family and we also have to wait, we have hope that on  the 22nd when we come back we will find something.”

Although Adv. Baloyi feels that accused number 5 came to court not prepared and he is taking the court’s time, the conclusion made by the Judge was that he grants for further postponement of 5 working days, the trial is to resume on the 22nd of April 2022 09:30. The judge also made it clear that this was the last postponement.


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