Welcome to another great installment of #kasivibes your source of nothing but the best   infotainment. Today I had an opportunity to chit chat with @teamzestyzest from Soshanguve, Pretoria. They are a team of promoters and events managers as well the brains behind the success of Dj Zesty Zest. Our jam packed fresh box below has all the details.



Q. How did @teamzestyzest come about?
A. Dj Zesty Zest wanted people who were socially active and have the publicity to Promote for him then he gathered us to form TZZ.

Q. Kindly break down the services you render?
A. We are events coordinators and promoters. Our services include DJ-ing and rendering of sound equipment.

Q. Take us through the experience of working with Dj Zesty Zest
A. Working with Dj Zesty Zest is awesome, he’s a humbled guy who loves those around him. His motto is “you do right by me, I do right by you” izandla Ziya’gezana. Working with him does not feel like work because he makes it feel like dinner with family.

Q. What’s the criteria for joining @teamzestyzest?
A. Dedication, passion, ambition, creativity and be socially active.

Q. How does @teamzestyzest handle criticism?
A. We are confident enough to push what we started until we see it take the shape we desire, so we just don’t associate ourselves with negative people.

Q. On the same breath, biggest lesson learnt thus far within the industry?
A. Never look down or undermine yourself, struggle until you get there.

Q. Tell us more about the clothing line you’re working on?
A. Due to popular demand, we have came to a decision of introducing a clothing line which will consists of day to day must have t-shirts, beanies, sweaters, bucket hats and etc which will be designed by a young designer from Capcity.

Q. Besides the clothing line which projects are you currently working on?
A. For now we are coordinating and promoting events as well as making a name for ourselves before we go big or launch other projects.

Q. Lastly how do you keep your team an oiled machine?
A. From time to time companies go through trials and difficult times, we are not an exception but through the team member’s dedication and countless efforts to achieve the vision we all share, we are able to grind and strive forward.

••• THE END •••


Facebook: teamzestyzest

Twitter: @teamzestyzesty

The team consist of promoters( Kaycee, Lerato,Simphiwe and T Blaza), C’fort who’s the head of media and publication division, Bellah head of clothing division and Zesty – the DJ/boss. @teamzestyzest also scooped two nominations from the Tshwane spotlight awards  namely best local DJ(male) as well as for event of the year for their glow in the dark event. The fact that @teamzestyzest took it upon themselves to turn around their lives by going after their dreams should be an inspiration to all of us that despite difficulties we face when we start new businesses, we should rise and never give up like a famous quote goes “it takes the same boiling water which softens a potato to boil an egg”. Hard times should not bring us down but rather strengthen us. Vuku’zenzele! Simple!

Nothing but the love, peace and blessings of God upon you all.


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