Even in the coldest temperature we have another hot and exciting installment of #kasivibes. We all know that the month of June is dedicated to the youth and Tsa_Pitori is known to celebrate the youth so yep it’s our month and go tloba busy(it’s going to get busy). This week we feature Miranda Ofentse Motshidisi, a young person from Mabopane who shares with us her story and the remarkable journey of her life.



Q. Tell us about yourself?
A. I’m a complicated person *lol*, I think I have that element of surprise, I even surprise myself sometimes, I’m innovative and I love taking risks, actually everything you take on is a risk because we don’t know the ultimate result. I absolutely love making people happy. A smile brightens my day.

Q. Take us through your experience, how did it all start?
A. I was 7 years old, an athlete and swimmer in grade 2. I came home from a school outing one day and felt a slight headache but I didn’t think it was anything serious. Late in the evening I fainted and woke up in Legae Clinic. I fell in a coma which lasted six weeks and during that time I could hear doctors discussing that they should switch of the life support machine. Through prayers I miraculously came out of the coma, paralyzed and blind. But because of my fighting spirit I regained sight and I did not let my paralysed state define me. I refused a wheelchair or any helping aid to help me walk, I wanted to do it on my own and not depend on any wheelchair

Q. How are you doing today after all that ordeal?
A. Well 15 years later, as odd as it sounds I am glad it happened to me. I am much stronger to take on any good or bad situation I find myself in. I overcame death so anything can try me.

Q. You have been through a lot, what’s that one thing you have learnt throughout your journey?
A. Yes I have been through a lot, it’s not just the above mentioned. I’ve also survived pneumonia three times plus a blood condition that required me to get an emergency blood transfusion. I’ve learnt to embrace my life and to appreciate it.

Q. How did it affect you and again how did you bounce back to life?
A. I was depressed, I had lost my abilities and my dream of being a professional swimmer, and I went into a bad state where I questioned myself and God. I remember sharing my story one day at church, one girl came up to me and told me how hearing my story stopped her from committing suicide, and she unknowingly gave me a positive look at things.

Q. Take us through your typical day, what do you normally get up too?
A. My day starts with a prayer of thanks giving. A smile brightens my day so I go out looking for a smile.

Q. How did your family handle the situation?
A. They have always been so supportive, my aunt who is a pastor always read for me a bible story every day. My mom has been my pillar of strength, every time I fall gradually ill I imagine my mom looking and crying over my grave and that is what gives me the power to fight back.

Q. Do you still keep in touch with your childhood friends?
A. Yes even though most of them live elsewhere because of school but I see them now and then, Natacia Maforah has been my friend/sister for over 18 years now and we even have pet names for each other, I am Nartjienanada and she is Lemonanada.

Q. Everyone has dreams, share with us some of yours?
A. I have a dream to write a book about my life and I want to be a motivational speaker.

Q. Youth month is upon us, how are you celebrating it?
A. The relevancy of this “youth day” is that we are celebrating the freedom we got in the educational system. I’m going to wear my school uniform and proudly study some OBE *hahaha*.

Q. Word of motivation for the youth of today?
A. Say yes to life, embrace any situation and declare victory. Life is a race so run it, if you can’t then walk and if you can’t walk then start crawling. Just do whatever you can to get to the finish line. A huge reward awaits you.

Q. If you were given a chance to change one thing about you, what would it be?
A. I will not change anything but ask for more strength and wisdom.

Q. Express your life in one word?
A. Adventurous.

•••THE END•••

When I met Miranda during a business conversation, my heart went out for her. I immediately went silent and looked at life with a different shade. In my heart and mind, I asked myself how and why her? A lot of questions surfaced but then her great personality reassured me that she’s one in a million. I found myself giving her a name called ‘Miracle’ and vowed to share her journey on #kasivibes. Well it brings me back to saying, some of us allow circumstances to shadow our dreams at times, and we don’t see greatness after our struggles. We are used to being spoon fed and waiting for things to happen. But in the contrary we should take charge of life. Miranda has shown us that it is possible to achieve your dreams no matter the circumstances. Like her positive perspective towards life, she is indeed phenomenal.

Happy Youth Month!!!

Nothing but the peace, love and blessings of God upon you all.


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