On Monday, 7 March The South African Police Service’s (SAPS) Criminal Record Centre (CRC) in the Bothongo West Plaza based in the Pretoria Central Business District (CBD) was locked down by the landlord relating to unpaid rent. It’s alleged that a notice was attached to the building by the landlord.  It reads: “This building will be locked from 6am on March 7, 2022, until further notice due to unpaid rent.”

The SAPS stated that it is currently working on interim measures. The aim is to ensure that service delivery at the CRC in Pretoria is not compromised. It is the base of police officials from the Criminal Record and Crime Scene Management component (CR & CSM).

The CR & CSM’s mandate is to give out criminal records, issue police clearance certificates and process fingerprint applications for firearms, among other things. Engagements to swiftly resolve the issues faced by the SAPS are ongoing.

The SAPS has confirmed that such services are not currently facing any rental payment arrears. It explained that rental payments are being handled by the National Department of Public Works and Infrastructure (NDPWI). 

“SAPS confirms that the Service is not in any rental payment arrears as rental payments are being dealt with by the National Department of Public Works and Infrastructure.”Colonel Athlenda Mathe, SAPS.

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