Long before the South African Film and TV industry perfected the art of reality TV, we had more flops than hits. With the right formula, reality TV has proved to help revive and sustain brands and even turn names unknown to us into overnight sensations, ask Tebogo Mekgwe affectionately known as Pinky girl from the most watched reality show that has graced our screens Being Bonang.

Nowadays, you cannot talk about reality TV shows and not mention Pinky girl as one of your favourites. Sadly not every reality TV show has a success story, quiet tricky being yourself on camera while keeping to the script.

The following reality shows failed to impress or maybe South Africans were not ready.

1. Nonhle Thema goes to Hollywood

It is not a secret that most of our favorite local celebrities have ambitions to conquer Hollywood. In 2011 it came as no surprise when Nonhle Thema announced her move to try conquer the land of dreams (Hollywood). “Like my mother who left all she had to travel to Jo’burg to seek her purpose. I am going to Hollywood to seek my fortune and my experiences will be televised” said Nonhle.

Excited fans awaited to see the highly anticipated Nonhle goes to Hollywood, which was set to follow Nonhle in Hollywood. She had to work hard to build herself as a household brand. However, viewers were left disappointed when the show didn’t live up to its expectations, and criticised Nonhle for a heavily orchestrated reality show. Nonhle didn’t take lightly to criticism and accused viewers of hating.

Vuzu (then 123)put her show on hold..

2 . Blame it On Fame.

Remember the Masina twins, Hlelo and Ntando, who once seemed to have had it all. In their prime time the twins presented Channel 0’s (Young, Gifted and African), they also co hosted YFM’s weekly show the double up. Reality TV show was their next adventure.

Hlelo and Ntando, had their own reality show Blame it on Fame with ETV. The show followed the twins as they conquered Johustleburg. Sadly it was cancelled after two seasons, and since then, the Masina twins are yet to make a comeback on our screens.

3. Rolling With Kelly Khumalo.

Kelly Khumalo’s story was one of the most talked about stories in the entertainment industry. From her dark days when she battled drug addiction to a public split up with her then partner Jub Jub. Khumalo was known for making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

In an attempt to clean her image, in 2012 the songstress invited us on a journey to her new beginning. Her reality show Rolling with Kelly Khumalo on ETV, South Africans witnessed Khumalo’s journey as she tried to turn her life around. The show was also cancelled after two seasons.

4. So what?

Uhm, besides the great reviews of the launch of Kenny Kunene’s reality TV that aired on ETV. Kunene, the king of sushi known for his luxurious lifestyle left viewers of the show disappointed and after two seasons the show likewise was cancelled.



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