Fashion conqueror and rising star Olebogeng Rosie Mphulo (27) has found her true passion and love in fashion. Rosie grew up in Pretoria (Hammanskraal); she started designing in 2014 after completing her Diploma in Human Resource Management at the Tshwane University of Technology.

Fast forward the self-taught designer used to watch videos on YouTube about how to design certain types of clothing. “When I started I did not know how to sketch or draft patterns, I started by cutting different patterns from clothes that I already had”-Rosie

Late 2014 after watching YouTube videos she started sketching and crafting clothes she would like to design for herself. After realizing her God given talent, family and friends loved and liked her designs and encouraged her to pursue a career in fashion design.

Rosie believes that her passion favored her as she did not take it serious. “Being a designer was not my dream as I did not really care about clothes, trends or anything to do with fashion”-Rosie.  Her dream was to become an HR Practitioner which she studied for.

“I wanted to work with people, in big companies but clearly the universe had other plans for me and now I can confidently say fashion designing is on the list of my future plans”-Rosie

The young upcoming fashion invader got inspired by the support and courage she got from family and friends, she then took her passion to the next level by branding her line named RL DESIGNS. The self-taught designer followed trends, watched more videos, followed other designers, and loved how people can be creative by just using raw fabrics.

Even though starting a business at such a young age requires compromise, comes with challenge and at times orders take months to complete, she knew that she has to strive hard to maintain her goal which is to grow her talent, business and to meet the needs of clients.

Today her business is well recognized, has more clients and designs for all sizes from traditional garments, swim wear, graduation attires and many more.

“Being a fashion designer made me realize the power of clothing, in that you can control how you are perceived and what you communicate”-Rosie. The visionary designer enrolled in Clothing Production this year (2018) at Tshwane North College to uplift her knowledge and skills so that she can design good garments with first class quality standards.

Rosie’s goal and aim is for her business to reach a milestone locally and internationally in the next 10 to 20 years and to help inspire the next generation of designers to stick to their true passion no matter what.

“Fashion changes every day and people follow fashion more and take pride in the way they dress every day. As a designer you need to keep up with the latest trends, styles and let your creativity flow so that you can attract more people, strive for perfection and get a good recommendation from clients.”-Rosie

To see more of Rosie’s RL Designs please follow her on Facebook on Olebogeng Rosie Mphulo and R.L_ designs and on Instagram its oley_olebogeng.



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