Rietgat police are calling on the community, particularly the elderly who have just retired from work to be wary and vigilant against con-artists. Police spokesperson Stephen Maluleka said the warning comes after cases of fraud were opened at the station where senior citizens are targeted by deceivers masked as representatives of the victim’s previous companies or organisations they have worked for.

“According to the information received, these conmen and women visit the victims’ houses driving elegant cars and dressed presentably to convince their targets about the legitimacy of their actions.”“They introduce themselves as representatives either from the ‘bargaining council’ or as being sent by the victim’s former employers to recover the money that was ‘apparently’ overpaid to them as they left their respective service.”

Maluleka said as the police, they would like to warn especially unsuspecting retirees to avoid welcoming strangers into their homes and to refrain from revealing their finances no matter how presentable or neat they may look. He said if they notice suspicious people they must contact the police immediately.

“We further urge grieving families to also avoid disclosing confidential information to everyone, like how much was the insurance life cover of the deceased and when the pay-out is expected or how much the deceased left to their family.” “Such disclosure of information could be disadvantageous and cause a double blow to the family that has lost a loved one. Do not allow tricksters to take advantage of your vulnerability during grief.”

Maluleka said the station also would like to enlighten the community to avoid quick money-making schemes with the hope of multiplying their money. “As the station, we are also extending a word to the public to also stop paying for items and vehicles that come with price tags that are too good to be true, especially online sales. Please refrain from such transactions.” “We would like to urge commuters to open cases when they fall victims to armed robberies as passengers in taxis. It does not matter where the crime took place, walk into the nearest police station to open a case and make police aware of the situation.”

Maluleka said as police they would not be aware of all the crimes taking place in the area if the community or the victims do not inform them. “By informing the police, a proper investigation will be conducted and suspects will be traced and arrested. Therefore, share as much information as possible and stay safe.” “We also extend our hand to taxi operators to be on the lookout for taxis that might be out there tarnishing their names by robbing people, to inform us so that we do the necessary police work. Do not take the law into your own hands,” he said.

“Anyone who witness any criminal activity in their surroundings or neighbourhood should contact the police on Crime Stop 08600 10111 or on My SAPS App or call Rietgat SAPS on 012 432 7806,” He concluded.

By: Mpho Khena.

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