The Executive Mayor Randall Williams of the City of Tshwane and MMC Phillip  Nel gave an update to address residents about Wapadrand Substation restoration. Residents from various areas of Pretoria have been experiencing power outage since from Saturday evening, the 17th of July 2021. The residents are also concerned about experiencing load shedding in addition of experiencing power outage in the past days.

Nel issued an update saying “ I am pleased to inform residents that as promised we have concluded the installation of the panels and energized the transformers at Wapadrand , this is a critical step in restoring power as we now focus on repairing damaged cables. It was confirmed that the fires at the Substation, caused damage to the cables heading towards, Koedeoberg and Faerie Glen

Williams said that “To our residents affected by the Wapadrand power outage, thank you for your patience, understanding and support towards our teams as they work to restore power. I can report that to restore power for all, we understand the residents’ frustrations and we apologise for the delays” Residents are concerned about experiencing load shedding in addition of experiencing power outage for six days. The City of Tshwane has informed residents that they will be experiencing load shedding from 16h00-18h30 group 10 and 14, 18h00-20h30 group 11 and 15, 20h00-21h00 group 12 and 16 from 22 of July.

Gerold Joubert, one the residents commented on Facebook saying, “ will the areas that have been without electricity for six days still have their electricity put off during load shedding this week? because level 2 is starting today.”

Shirly Burger also commented saying “Not loving South Africa now at all. Covid19, slow roll out of vaccinations, hundreds are dying every day , looting. We have been without electricity since Saturday evening and now we are experiencing cold nights. We haven’t had electricity, there is nothing you can take from us.”

By: Mbali Mabena.

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