Tsunami Extension 25, residents in Garankuwa are alledgedly facing issues of illegal electricity connections and an electricity box that has been opened for almost four years, used for illegal connections. A confidential source said “It has been year’s since issues of illegal connections have been prevailing, with many wire cables crossing through the bush then into an informal settlement.”

“Unfortunately, during winter we struggle to have keep our electricity because of many cables connected which leads to electricity shortage and disruption.” She added that in some households that have electricity, when they knock to ask for assistance with things like to cook and charge phones they don’t open doors for them and this saddens her because she had been a Tsunami resident for years without encountering electricity issues until illegal connections issues started.

Furthermore she explained ‘’when we take measures of calling Eskom to help, when they arrive we are told we have to pay a certain amount in order to fix this problem.” On Facebook Glory Maglo said ‘’Eskom must give those people electricity, poles, lights and cards to buy electricity so that they can stop with illegal connections’’.‘’A country which had so much hope has turned into a rubbish dump and the modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah,” said Jan Nanas Makaveli on social media.

 Tsa Pitori tried to contact Eskom Hld Soc Ltd at the time of a publication we had not had any feedback from them.

By: Nthabiseng Makhubela.

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