The struggle of residents at Rama City in extension 10 Soshanguve seems to be continuing two years after we first published an article about the community being unhappy with their living conditions after receiving RDP houses allegedly without water, electricity and proper sanitation. At the time they told Tsa Pitori they received the houses in 2019 April. At the time they alleged they were told that they had to sign the happy letter (a form showing that you are satisfied with your RDP house) provided by an administration office which was situated within the area.

It’s alleged they are still unhappy because the rollout of infrastructure to the community of about 3 000 households had suddenly stopped. “The area is rezoned and has been approved by the government, and already more than 2 500 RDP houses have been built and allocated to beneficiaries. The community is awaiting letters that represent ownership until they receive their title deeds.” Community leader Sinah Mothapo said

According to  an article published by IOL Mothapo said basic services such as sewers, water and electricity were being rolled out, and the community was benefiting from the projects in the form of job opportunities and skills transfer.

“But the sewer line is not yet completed. The residents use mobile toilets. The electricity connection is not complete, the water project is complete at least, but the tarred road is still in the making.”

Mothapo said the residents were affected by this because they had small children and elderly members in the community, while some families had disabled persons who needed the basic necessities and infrastructure.

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