Welcome to another weekly dosage of premium infotainment, yes I’m talking about #kasivibes on @Tsa_Pitori. Before I could unpack this week’s menu, let’s all take time to acknowledge all the students around S.A for fighting for what’s rightfully theirs. Allow me to join in and say indeed #feesmustfall and indeed #feeshavefallen Anyhow let’s get to this week’s festivities. As I have a conversation with Pholoso “Puzzle” Ramoki a young musician and social commentator from Mabopane, Pretoria.



Q. Welcome To @Tsa_pitori Online Magazine. How Are You Doing?
A. Thank you for having me.

Q. Define music and kindly tell us who inspires you?
A. I get my inspiration from everyday life challenges, mostly poverty. I also get it by listening to local artist, mostly local story tellers. I look up to artists like Notshi, MT Venecular, Lajava and Mzebbs.

Q. With that said what’s your signature sound?
A. Kasi motswako rap.

Q. Why Hip Hop and not any genre of music?
A. Hip Hop teaches me plenty of things about life and I can say it is the only appropriate genre when it comes to educating people, Hip Hop talks to me is so many ways.

Q. What’s your perspective on the current Hip Hop scene in Mzansi?
A. At this moment I think its comedy. I can’t even call it Hip Hop anymore, it’s more bragging and less rapping.

Q. What are you currently working on?
A. My mixtape which is dropping this December named “The final concept”.

Q. Lots of artists come and go, what makes you relevant as an artist?
A. Am not in this game to impress, please. I believe one day this will put food on my table, this is my weapon against poverty.

Q. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
A. I see myself running a successful record label, giving young upcoming artists a platform to shine. I know this game is cruel, so I want to make it easy for this upcoming super stars.

Social Platforms/ Booking Info
Facebook: Puzzle-Gettoh Fabulaz
Email: ramoki48@gmail.com
Cell: 084 224 1042

•••THE END •••

Puzzle started rapping in 2008 with a crew called UMC, the following year he got recruited by a crew called Black Ink. They signed a contract with Mea Entertainment around 2012, after releasing their first mixtape titled “First Stepz”. Their first Album followed in 2013 titled “Bop City Sounds” under a movement called Music Slaves. He had a fair share of performing alongside Jika boys, Maofe De General, Tedimosa, Pimp Cash and DKR SQUAD

The year 2014 he dropped a solo mixtape titled “Back 2 Kasi”, which was the birth of his solo career. He currently owns a record label called Kasi105 Records. He is due to release another solo mixtape which is titled The final Concept followed by an album. He concludes the interview by saying he’s also working on Kasi105 Mixtape Vol 1.

Before I could wrap up this weeks installment allow me to say once more #feesmustfall and indeed #feeshavefallen.

Nothing but the love of God, His peace and blessings upon you all.

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