On Monday, 14 February, the City of Tshwane continued cutting off water and electricity supplies to prominent non-payers. MMC for Finance Alderman Peter Sutton said less than 1% of court challenges against the city for disconnecting debtors have been successful. “The city anticipated that there would be pushback and we ensured that we have dedicated legal teams on standby.” He said.

Some of the prominent institutions which were switched off on Monday include Fincred Factoring (Times Square) said to owe R4 Million, Mahala Housing fined R625 000 for illegal connection of the 2.1 Million they owe and Tshwane North College was amongst other institutions which were also switched off.

The City of Tshwane has denied claims that its campaign to recoup the R17 billion owed to it by businesses, SOEs and residents as “political grandstanding”, saying such accusations were nothing more than excuses to renege on doing right without being threatened with disconnection.

The City was responding to claims that its aggressive campaign to disconnect water and electricity supply to businesses and government departments owing it money, led by Executive Mayor Randall Williams and Acting City Manager Mmaseabata Mutlaneng last week was politically-motivated. City spokesperson Selby Bokaba dismissed claims of the City’s campaign reeking of political grandstanding, asking what was political about being requested to pay for services being used.

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