A tweet by DJ and producer Prince Kaybee expressing his anguish at the “death” of musical group Black Motion has landed the group and the duo behind it on the Twitter trends list, with many saying they don’t want to live without Black Motion.

Prince Kaybee took to Twitter to express his sadness at the end of an era in music following the rumored separation of Black Motion’s Bongani “Murdah” Mohosana and Thabo “Smol” Muhogwane. “I’m still in shock that Black Motion no longer exists.” “The most decorated and amazing pair of our time,” Kaybee tweeted.

Black Motion has previously denied that they have broken up as a music group. The duo issued a statement after fans observed Bongani seeking gigs without his bandmate Thabo, sparking suspicions of a separation. Their official statement noted that Bongani remained a member of the group but was also establishing a solo career as Mörda rather than “Murdah Bongz,” and that Smol was also pursuing “other commercial aspects” that would be publicized in due course.

“Spirit Motion wishes to say unequivocally that Black Motion members Thabo Muhogwane, alias Smol, and Bongani Mohosana, aka Murdah Bongz, have not split up.” Black Motion is still active and has ambitions for the future, read the statement.Reporter: Palesa Maneli

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