Saturday the 3rd of September was a much anticipated day for many in Mzansi as it marked the first weekend of spring. The first weekend of September is celebrated across the country by going out with family and friends to various theme parks. Amongst others one of the most anticipated events was the Pretoria Zoo Kiddies festival which was held at the National Zoological Garden by Ramorwa & Sons and Tsa Pitori was present to cover the event.


The festival was about educating kids about different kind of animals at the zoo. It was also about giving them the opportunity to interact with live animals and sculptures whilst having fun. Initially the event was supposed to be held on the 3rd and 4th September but a couple of weeks prior to the event the hosts released a press release stating that the event would regrettably only be on the 3rd. The reason behind this was due to recommendations by the Pretoria Zoo that the event just be one day for purposes of conserving their grounds.

Residents of Pretoria and surrounding areas came out in numbers and as expected the event didn’t disappoint. There was a variety of activities well balanced to accommodate both children and adults. Acts on the day included the likes of Mickey Mouse and Ben 10, There was also a magician, snake handling, Lamiez Holworthy, jumping castles and water slides amongst many other personnel’s and activities.


As expected with crowded family outings a child or two are to be separated from an adult they came with, but the hosts handled such situations amicably. It is safe to say the Pretoria Zoo Kiddies Festival has become one of the favorites for residents of the capital city. The event also affords local businesses and artists to showcase their crafts and businesses whilst making some money.

To stay in touch and find out about other projects they are working on and upcoming events follow the organizers on social media under the handle Ramorwa & Sons.

By: Dave Balo.

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