Lesedi Mohale (24) from Atteridgeville allegedly gave birth at Pretoria West Hospital on the 6th of May which led to her contracting a disease due to doctor’s negligence and not following proper procedure after birth. Mohale explained the story as follows, “I was discharged the very same day I gave birth and was not given any medication to ease the pains,” Later on during the week she allegedly felt sick and encountered abnormaliies, headache, back pains and fever.

The following day she says she went to Phomolong clinic to ask for assistance, whereby the nurse allegedly told her “what did you expect you have just given birth, we won’t give you anything, so just go home”. She went home and used Asprin to ease the pains and realized that her symptoms were escalating ,she kept on getting worse so she decided to go back to Pretoria West Hospital.

When she got to the hospital, the doctor realized that she allegedly was not cleaned properly after giving birth and she was not given medication to help her, therefore she was admitted again. During her checkup they allegedly discovered that she had a cotton wool inside her vagina.

She told Tsa Pitori that futhermore , the ward she was admitted at there was allegedly a another lady who had the same problem but her condition was worse, on her pad she had imsiyher , her vagina was stinking it has already rotten and changed into green color. She conclude by saying “I was discharged on Tuesday and received a call to be told that the doctor was suspended due to four ladies facing the same case.”

Tsa Pitori tried contacting Pretoria West Hospital but we had not received any feedback by time the article was published. #ladi_jaja?

By: Nthabiseng Makhubela.

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