According to the latest Analytico research three of Pretoria town’s namely Garsfontein, Waverley and Faerie Glen had the fastest average fixed-broadband download speed at the start of 2023. The results are based on almost 200,000 tests done on the MyBroadband Speedtest app since 1 January 2023. MyBroadband’s speed test servers are hosted in Teraco’s vendor-neutral data centres, guaranteeing a neutral testing environment for consumers to test their connections.

The top 3 areas are all in Pretoria, as the fastest areas all have download speeds that average close to 50 Mbps a popular entry-level fibre speed. Recent pricing changes and promotions by large FNOs such as Metrofibre and Openserve may push these speeds up, as both have recently increased the bitrates of their cheaper packages. This could cause the top neighbourhoods to have significantly faster speeds in the future, although Internet service providers have raised concerns about forced speed upgrades.

Fastest neighbourhoods for fixed broadband in South Africa

Neighbourhood Area Download Upload Latency

Garsfontein Pretoria 57.67 35.12 32.89

Waverley Pretoria 55.50 39.41 21.20

Faerie Glen Pretoria 48.61 37.29 25.72

Bryanston Sandton 46.64 41.68 25.61

Protea Hoogte Cape Town 46.18 55.08 34.11

Randpark Ridge Randburg 45.45 36.89 16.42

Die Hoewes Centurion 43.87 36.76 18.16

Durbanville Cape Town 43.46 39.50 33.37

Ferndale Randburg 43.21 32.57 24.49

Claremont Cape Town 43.14 35.78 23.90

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