Eulen Mokgithi based in Pretoria, Sunnyside strives to have a positive and inspiring impact in the lives of aspiring models. The 26 year old who is a model and an actress is in the running to go to America in July showcasing her talent in acting and modeling, this is after she entered an international talent showcase competition in October 2020 which she stated that it went well.

Mokgithi explained that she has been selected to go to America by recruitment agencies which included Tyler Perry studios, New York film academy, Blaze Johnson from voice America, Nate Butler, Joey hunter former CEO of Ford models and many more of them.

“I will be learning about voice over artists and other things in front of about 300 recruitment agencies from around the world, networking with professional actors and talent search recruitment agencies in the IMTA convention in America,” Mokgithi explained. “We have an opportunity to engage with celebrities, get involved with charities in our communities and learn the art of acting, modelling, fashion and beauty.”

But in the interim, the young woman has been an inspiration to her peers as she has been doing rounds of helping out the young and talented children by providing them with necessary and relevant information to how to make it to their level best. “My mission is to inspire, motivate, uplift and also be a good example around my community, she said. “The idea of giving the young ones hope that they can make it in life and telling them nothing is impossible is my everyday Motto,” she stated.

Mokgithi attended School of performing art at the South Africa State Theatre where she completed and archived a performing art certificate. “I grew up always interested in anything to do with arts and modeling, that is when I took it upon myself to at least do something to do with that at the South Africa State Theatre and managed to get my certificate,” She explained.

By: Mpho Khena.

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