Menelik Nesta Gibbons from Zimbabwe-Harare, popularly known to many in the entertainment industry by his stage name ‘Don Dada’ is a Reggae/ Hip Hop artist, a social entrepreneur, motivational speaker, Radio host and events MC. He has made a name for himself in the industry. He has always been passionate about music. He says he is very lucky to be living his dream right now.

Don Dada explained to Tsa Pitori that the reason why he does reggae is because he grew up listening to reggae music through his father. That is where he drew his inspiration and love for reggae from. He grew up listening to Bob Marley. Don Dada said hip hop is something that he chose for himself as a young star. Don dada simply described the two genres as genres that spoke to him as a young star and now as he is man.

Don Dada is the only artist that has released two official Mandela songs. His original song titled “Viva Mandela” went multi-platinum within 4 months after its release. He said he was asked to do the song in honor for Tata Nelson Mandela. He shared the stage with the legendary Mahotella Queens. Performing the very same song he did for Tata Nelson Mandela’s concert in 2017. Don dada also did a tribute song for Mama Winnie Mandela. He became the first Africa artist to sign a deal with Bob Marley’s TuFF Gong international distribution.

Don Dada said to Tsa Pitori that Tata nelson Mandela and Bob Marley are two global icons that Don Dada looks up to. He describes them as icons that did much for the people. He says these men have inspired him to do more for other people. he said they taught him to be selfless. If anything, he would honour them every day.

Don Dada has recently released a reggae Ep, under the tittle 24 hours. He says he will be focusing a bit n reggae this year. He is currently working on releasing a double album this year, titled ‘The Heart And The Mind’. The album will be half reggae and half hip hop. Don Dada is currently in Jamaica. He was invited to perform at the Bob Marley Stage for Bob Marley’s birthday. He says the performance was great. Don Dada shared a stage with the Reggae Power House band. He says the love and the reception they got from the crowd was phenomenal. “The response from the crowd just shows you how much love they have for Africa in the Caribbean and that we should be doing more in our powers to reach out towards the Caribbean”-Don Dada.

He’s advice to young upcoming artist that they must not give up their dreams. No matter how long it takes. They must keep on trying until they reach their designated goals. He said time is not an issue, but persistence Don Dada’s Music is available on all digital platforms. He is also available on social media platforms: @dondadamusic


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