The Pretoria Art Museum is an art gallery located in Arcadia, Pretoria. It is known for collecting, documenting, and conserving outstanding art (mostly South African exhibition art), researching and enthralling exhibitions from the permanent collection, and hosting major tours. They recently installed a breath taking exhibition, “The hole” that signifies an inseparable connection between the existence of humankind and the physical effects of space on Earth.

“The Hole” is a visual archive composed of photographs, videos, installations, text, and sounds, that constantly moves between the reality of natural and scientific places. The importance of “The hole” exhibition is the third chapter of “the attempted to be here now“. This plays a vital role in the existence of nation reservation and the way it reveals itself.

Pretoria Art Museum was established on the house of the city council of Pretoria arts collections, built since the 1930s. They managed to collect and create many pieces, for example, The Javett Art Centre and Aton Smit Gallery. 

The exhibition of “The hole“ signifies two artists reconnecting with words of Jan Rabie and Cj Langenhoven; “when one man speaks to another he stands not only in front of a man but also in front of a stone, a flower, a star.”


By: Nthabiseng Makhubela.

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