Vibrant up and coming young entrepreneurial women in a male dominated industry deserves all the praises. A young entrepreneur Muano Precious Manne (25) is the visionary founder of Meeka Interior Decor and landscaping, she’s an Idealistic, ambitious and creative thinker in her chosen business industry. “The idea of starting a business of my own came about in 2014”-Precious.

The intelligent lady ventured and registered her business last year June 2017. Precious grew up in Limpopo (Venda) and now resides in Pretoria Soshanguve (Block AA). The idea of being an entrepreneur never crossed Precious’ mind, “I wanted to be an independent woman doing more than just the usual. With the change of societies, I realised we need more employers than employees. That is when I decided to make it a business”-says the founder.

Precious’ inspiration came from a TV show called Top Billing while growing up. The young dreamer’s passion and love for interior decor and landscaping exceeded the idea of being an entrepreneur. “I did not study for it, but I grew up doing a lot of handy work, together with my passion and love for interior decor. I felt it would be a great idea to do it for other people as well”- Precious.

Interior decor and landscaping businesses are known to be owned by men, but precious is doing exactly the opposite. The world needs fearless women with vision and perseverance like Precious, uplifting women to push harder and explore other possibilities.

Her love and passion is what motivates her the most. “Making other people’s spaces more beautiful than they can imagine” -she said. The exceptional young woman went on to say that the challenge she faces mostly is that of clients entrusting you with their homes and money. “Getting clients and funding to grow the business from ground up is a challenge”- Precious.

Despite the challenges precious still believes in her craft and until she sees her business fall into place, she will not give up. Precious hopes to grow her business and have it branch out all over the country, employing the unemployed graduates in our country.

Meeka Interior Decor and Landscaping currently caters for homes and looking to grow into commercial projects. The passionate lady believes that not all of us are employees and we cannot support other people’s ideas. “If we can all realise our dreams and believe beyond our fears and doubts, we are all capable of doing great things in this world. No one will ever believe in you than yourself. That is what keeps me going”- Precious.




  • July 31, 2018 at 10:49 am

    Big up to Precious Manne, may she found support from all corners
    of Mzansi so that we may see beyond borders of SA representing us to the world. I like it. Iike it.


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