Millions of South Africans have raised their concern and finally put their foot down against all the social ills faced by the majority. It’s a mixed pot of dilemmas which have recently been made bluntly clear by inhabitants of the beloved Mzansi. It’s like trying to sieve water, the country is on fire and the million rands question is who will turn it off? The 1st citizen President Cyril Ramaphosa has called for prayers so here’s mzansi’s cry for help to God.

Unemployment comes in first place as the prime concern for masses in the country. Stats SA has released figures showing that currently South Africa is sitting at 29% of unemployed citizens. Further adding to the matter 56% of the youth in the country are without jobs. During recent dubbed xenophobic attacks prioritizing foreign Africans instead of SA citizens by employers was raised as one of the outcries. CIC Julius Malema says the blame is misdirected as the true culprits in this case is White Capital Monopoly that is responsible for prioritizing foreigners instead of locals and the government for not doing anything about that matter.

For about two weeks now the country has been in the midst of foreign Africans in South Africa and their businesses and homes being looted and targeted by locals. Governments from various countries have banished the acts of vandalism, looting and attacks of foreigners in South Africa. Zambia and Madagascar have pulled out from a friendly match which was scheduled with Bafana Bafana condemning the xenophobic attacks. To an extent multiple South African owned businesses including Shoprite and MTN were attacked by residents in countries like Nigeria and Zambia.

Led by women masses have also condemned the killing and abuse of women and children in Mzansi. Protests have been instigated throughout the country amidst recent report of cases laid against men of the country for the abuse of women and children.  Thousands of Cape Town residents on Thursday marched to the venue where the World Economic Forum (Africa) is held to hand a petition to the president who had to cut his day at WEF short to address the matter at hand.

Thursday Afternoon President Ramaphosa addressed the nation condemning looting and attacks of foreign owned businesses and people. He also requested that men of the country should stand against women and children abuse. He called for harsher sentences against perpetrators of such abuse and pledged to employ mechanisms which will help tackle this national crisis. Mzansi is in prayers as it burns, waiting for God to resolve the dilemmas, Amen.


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