An upcoming star from the streets of Soshanguve paves his way through music. Phillip Mohlabeng, also known as “P. Jones” is on a journey that he has dreamt of from a young age, and his hard work is opening doors for him. His hip hop career was motivated by the likes of 2Pac and Tyler Perry. From a young age, he used to imitate these artists without understanding what they were saying, but as he grew up, a lot made sense. “They motivated me by giving back and preaching the truth”, Phillip said.

Although hip hop is considered as bad motivation for the youth, once Phillip realized that he was in love with the music, his aim was to change the negative perception of society. He used his music to spread positivity and change lives. “I wanted to put Christ in my music, the truth, faith, and hope.” Phillip adds.

His music journey started at the age of 19, and from the exposure he got, he then expanded to other greater things. Not only does he rap, he also started an organization named “Drug Free Movement” with Nhlanhla Radebe, Co-founder and his manager, Thabo Nkosi. These business partners are also event organizers. The core focus of the organization is to help young drug addicts, the team has moved around the East Rand running programs and giving back to the community.

The inception of the initiative was inspired by the need to get the youth up on their feet and not let drugs get in the way of their dreams. The year 2019 was a successful one for the team they managed to tour and push the Drug Free Movement. Not forgetting his music career, Phillip also merged his duties with shooting music videos around Pretoria and all the way to the East Rand. “The business means a lot to me, because I’m in love with the industry and I can create jobs through it.” He adds.

The young artist is currently signed under NJ Holdings this is an independent entertainment company he formed with his partner Nhlanhla Radebe. His music career has already given him the opportunity to work with the likes of Priddy Ugly and Saudi is some of his singles. Entrepreneurs like me can’t depend on one thing, We try to find other things which will bring income on the side.” said Phillip.

By: Thuli Galane.

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