‘Pitori Maradona’ Focalistic is featured on of the most streamed song currently and making waves globally titled ‘WATAWI’ by CKay (Chukwuka Ekweani), a Nigerian gifted singer, songwriter, and executive record producer. The track features another superstar from Pretoria who also recently released an album titled ‘Black Child’ Amogelang Chabangu popularly known as Abidoza together with another Nigerian superstar Davido.

CKay bounced back in the music industry with this new Amapiano song as he made an unusual move by trying to connect the music relationship with South Africa by finding and welcoming the vocal prowess of Davido & electrifying it with Focalistic’s voice who made their verse fun and exciting to hear  as he spares 18 bars of Sipotori rap- a language popular in Pretoria with Abidoza also showing off his vocal expertise on the amapiano instrumental as he adds his Midas touch on the beat.

The ‘’WATAWI’ is an abbreviation of the word ‘’what are we’’ which covers a common topic in modern relationships, they narrate the situation by making it clear to their respective ladies that no labels are required for what they are, ‘’ a lot of people have been in tricky situations when their ‘’situationship’’ attempts to push things further than it needs, behind, sometimes it is best to let things be and just vibe without pressure of defining the nature of the relationship’’ CKay comments on the story behind the song

The song is accompanied by a music video directed by Dalia Dias. The song is out on all music platforms- Spotify, Apple iTunes, YouTube, Shazam.

By: Mamsi Nkosi

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