Pimelo Ngidi, a Language Practice graduate from the Tshwane University of technology, who’s currently busy with his PHD, makes his way in life through writing. The young man published his first book “The Pregnant Mind of an Orphan” in 2019. The motivation of writing the book came about when he felt the need to let other orphans out there know that everything is possible in life, regardless of your current status or background. He says what matters the most is that you do not deviate from what you want to be. “We are not our situation, but we are our decisions that we make every day.” He says.

His love for writing started at a young age, he was very good in English back in high school. Ngidi used to write short stories and poems, by then, it was just for fun. He never knew his parents, he lost his mother at the age of 14. His father has never been a part of his life. As heartbreaking as this was for him, it motivated him to never give up in life. He grew up in poverty, having to ask for food from his neighbors. However he never lost himself in the process, and motivated himself through the notion “We are the celebrities of poverty.”

In 2015, he gathered the strength to look for his father. He found his family, but unfortunately, he was told that his father was laid to rest in 2012. Ngidi was going through a rough patch at that time and that’s when he realized that he is officially an orphan. Two years after the incident, he started to write the book. “I felt so much pain to a point and I wanted to put it down on paper. Spoken words fade, but written words are there for the next generation to read and find comfort.” He adds.

He never allowed his situation to stop him from dreaming. “The vision is yours, it’s not for people who clap hands for you, or the people around you. Keep it, nurture it.”Ngidi says. He used his talent and hobby to pave a way for himself. “Besides being an author, I’ve got an upgrading programme that I’m pushing aside. Which is meant to assist those who did not perform well in high school.” He said. The dream and passion does not stop there, he has plans of writing more books, different genres, with the aim of his words motivating those who read his work.


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