There are always two sides to a tale, and Tiego Maboa has finally responded to allegations that he vanished with Heidi and Mphakong Matsomane wedding pictures. The couple from Meyerspark held their wedding last year December from the 3rd, 4th to the 5th. Tiego’s and the couple’s lawyers are currently involved in a legal battle. Both lawyers have communicated with one another, with Tiego’s lawyers’ most recent response to theirs being on February 1, 2022. “I gave them discount, they wanted three days and were not willing to go the extra mile or pay me three days” said Teigo.

According to Tiego, the couple is unable to address the situation through a current legal fight, which is why they turned to the media. Tiego quoted and agreed to work for two days, and he actually worked for those two days.

Tiego hopes to reach an amicable agreement with the lawyers, in which he will hand over the edited photos and video recordings, as well as the raw footage. ‘’They must refrain from defaming me and refrain from making slanderous remarks and/or false statements about me and mybusiness, and they must first apologize to me and the general public’’ said Tiego.

Tiego allegedly charged an amount of R12 500 for 2days which was negotiated upon in July 2021 when the couple stated that they had budgeted R10 000 for a Photographer. He agreed and wanted 50% upfront which had been given to him, he managed to come with his team on Friday took pictures and videos, on Saturday he pitched then later when they had to leave for Limpopo he had left ‘’ No one knew where he was because he did not say anything to anyone’’ said Heidi.

According to Heidi she was sceptical with the photographer due to scammers known for such events, but she chose to give Tiego (the photographer) the benefit of the doubt, only for him to not pitch on the last day of their wedding. ‘’He disappeared on Saturday around 4, when we were about to leave from my home at Garankuwa in Pretoria to the Groom’s home at Limpopo, he was no where to be found when contacted he was unavailable, did not take any of our calls. You can imagine the stress I was under because we had agreed on him making sure he takes pictures and Videos on Friday and Sunday those were the most important and wanted days then he offered to also come through on Saturday’’ said the bride Heidi.

By: Palesa Maneli.

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