After cancelling his show ‘’Rainbow Nation’’ which was to take place this year in South Africa, and expressing his heartbreak and disappointment that he felt like he let down his South Africans fans as he will not be able to come and perform anymore, the American/California rapper Phora wants to make it up to his fans for the disappointment caused as he wrote that, ‘’ South Africa I feel I’ve let you down…Heartbroken to say I will not be able to perform out there this year.

I was excited and ready to meet & celebrate with you all. Apparently  my voice isn’t strong enough for whoever is controlling what happen, I want to make it up to but how?’’

It seems like he has figured a way to make it up to his South African fans as he also took it to his Instagram story to express his excitement and interest after going through A-Reece’s discography and mentioned some hint of interest for a collaboration with him, ‘’ what would his reply be? I’m down @AreeceSA, Let’s get id Poppin’’ he tweeted.

The young South African rapper from Pretoria has not yet responded nor replied to this comment/hint of interest by Phora as many of his fans are very anxious and super proud of A-Reece by taking it to the comments section to express themselves.

‘The Boy Doing Things’ is certainly taking South African Hip Hop to the next big level as he also managed to be attracting many collaborations outside South Africa or Africa as a whole to say.

By Mamsi Nkosi

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