Established on the 8 February 2022 EntleKiddies is a children hair salon specializing in hair plaiting, braiding, treatments, hair cutting and many more. They also sell hair accessories manufacture in-house.   Over and above they give advice on how to treat and maintain healthy hair growth for children. Founded by Bonolo Monakedi she says as a mother she found it difficult to get help or suitable to cater for her child.

“I had to travel miles away to get kids salon. My daughter became a motivation and stepping stone of the business, basically it made me realize how many other parents go through the same problem I was facing.” She said.

The business is currently based at Atteridgeville, Pretoria west, No. 6 Phudufufu Str next to Attlyn mall. She told Tsa Pitori that her business strictly caters for children from 1 year upwards. “Our staff is highly skilled, patient and very gentle. You can trust us with your little one and our environment is child friendly, safe, and fun. It was created to give children a feeling of home away from home.” She added.

Monakedi says the business priorities are to build a good relationship with parents and getting the community of Atteridgeville to know about them, building a brand that is trusted. “I also want to establish more branches and franchise the business so as to empower and uplift other women through EntleKiddies.” She said.

Her salon operates Monday to Friday from 09:00 – 17:00 and Saturday to Sunday from 08:00 – 17:00. She said her message to aspiring entrepreneurs is that business needs patience, building is a journey so be prepared to cry, rejoice walk through trials and tribulations. “At the end you will see the light. Love and, believe and protect your business and never give up. Stay motivated and surround yourself with people that will challenge, push and inspire you.” She concluded.

You can follow EntleKiddies on all social media platforms to stay connected to them using the handle Entle Kiddies

By: Dave Balo.

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