Ladies we have all set standards while we know very well what we want and what we cannot tolerate, if you don’t agree then you’re are just the Donald of this (you’re in denial) we all have an ideal partner. At some point in our lives we all have prayed to God to give us a loving, caring and God fearing man and some of us did find that kind of guy, and were on some “oh gosh such a bore”. We can’t go back to God and say “thank you God but he’s boring”.

We place an order for “loving, caring and God fearing” when what we really want is a guy o etsang di flopo (who messes up) and demands an apology from you. A guy who can basically have any girl he wants but he chose you, we want a guy who thinks the Bible does not address us “Jesus speaks to Necodimus” lol, we want an intellect who does not let you win any argument just to make you feel special, or agree with everything you say, face it ladies we can’t always be right. Whoever thinks they’re always right needs a psychological evaluation finish n klaar.

Good guys are boring, they don’t stimulate one’s mind and have a tendency of making you the center of their world, so much that they end up abandoning their dreams and lives to live yours or even conform to your standards no matter how unreasonable they are, they let you win arguments and apologize even when they are not wrong, believe me this is a major turn off no matter how sweet you think it is, be a man or as Dineo from Generations would say “man up” take the wheel tuu.

I don’t subscribe to the motion of proving oneself to a guy, my idea is that a guy should love you that once and make it last. I’m not saying I want a playa in fact the idea of having that guy who is the talk of the town makes my blood boil, I want a guy who’s not predictable, like you never know what to expect, a guy who will laugh his ass off should you come with an ugly hairdo, honestly I don’t want a cheerleader I want a lover/best friend/skeem saka/my guy type of a guy. A guy who will say “bae wapota bjanong (babe you’re wrong)” not a guy who smiles lege ntshi e feta (even when a fly passes), ke nyaka motho o ke tlo yang leyena soccer match (I want a guy whom I can go with to a soccer match) and I don’t have go ipopona kebe mma stene (pretend to be someone I’m not). As long as he respects me, treats me right and loves me unconditionally then ke stele!

I know Freddie Jackson “said tell me your dreams so they can be mine too” well I say have your dreams allow me to have mine and let us build our dreams. Have your own life and allow me to have mine, separate friends and all, let us just include one another in each other’s lives, basically you bring your own dimension of life and I bring mine and let us have a 3D life.

By: K

Edited By: K

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