“Book us Abeg,” the “Isiphithiphithi” hitmaker captioned a video of herself and dancer Buhle Gugwana doing their thing on Instagram. Many people were perplexed when the Queen Sono actress responded to the post with laughing emojis.

Even Papi Cooper couldn’t figure out why Pearl was laughing so hard at the video. Pearl attempted to clarify what she was laughing at after the uproar generated by her remark. “@cooper Pabi I find it amusing that one of the busiest musicians wants to be booked. I’m sorry if I offended you, darling. This was a really sweet post, and I read it with a Nigerian accent. I’m really disappointed that this was interpreted as offensive. The way people have reacted makes me so sad “Pearl stated in a comment.

Papi has disabled comments on the page, most likely because her alerts were flooding her inbox. Pearl also made a video to further explain herself to the public and dispel the myth that she was “dogging Pabi. “Anyway, I’ve just come here to say, “OMG, this confusion is so sad in my opinion,” as Pearl texted Pabi. Several Twitter users backed Pearl, claiming that she was misunderstood, while others claimed that she was simply giggling at Pabi’s use of the word ‘abeg.’

By: Palesa Maneli.

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