The festive season has arrived, it is that time of the year again where most people go to big and crowded events like the spring fiesta because the weather agrees. The big question “Are they safe?”. The past few weeks, South Africa witnessed a number of unfortunate incidents where women and children where abducted, raped and killed.

One of these women was abducted, raped and killed at a public place by a government employee. That raised questions about how safe are we, especially in crowded spaces because one will never know their fate.

It is always advisable to take precautions wherever and whenever you are going out. Before going to an event, make a thorough check about the venue’s entrances and exits points for in case of an emergency, that way you will know where to go if you suspect danger.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. For example, wear a jean instead of a skirt or dress and wear sneakers instead of flip flops and high heels. Loose shoes will bring you problems especially when you need to run.

Always hang around people you know. Don’t go alone to a big event just because you think you will meet other people there. At this day and age, strangers cannot be trusted. Make sure that you know where you are going. For example when you are going to the toilet, ask one or two of your friends to accompany you.

Slow down on the alcohol. People mostly go to big events to get drunk and to just lose control and have fun. It is ok to have fun and have a few drinks, but make sure that after having a few, you can still stand and recognise the people you came with to the event. It’s not a good idea to get drunk to the core especially in a crowded place.

Make sure that your phone is charged fully when you leave your house and keep it in a safe place. Anything can happen in a crowded place, you can even lose your phone through pickpocketing. The safe way is to wear a cross body bag where you can put all your things like car keys, phone and money.

When you are attending an event with your children, always keep an eye on them.Take a photo of them when you get to the event. Children always have a tendency of roaming around because they want to play. In a crowded place they can get lost easily but there is no need to panic. Simply go to a security guard and show them a picture of your child and what they are wearing, security guard will be able to relocate them.

Other people feel safe when they are in a crowd but the reality is people don’t really care when they are dancing and having fun. It’s better to tell someone who won’t be attending the event where and which event you will be attending. Tell them all the details regarding the event and venue, that way you will always be accounted for.


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