Concerned parents have raised their grievances about the dysfunctional toilets at Phumzile Primary School in Soshanguve, Block H. One of the parents said their toilets are terrible kids can’t go inside to help themselves they have to step on flowing water on the toilets floor  and they are blocked and there’s no lights in the toilets. The principal has confirmed the allegations stating that the toilets were reported damaged by the learners  and they  are being repaired.

The principal of the school said that “we usually experience the toilet damages weekly, however it’s not a damage that is beyond our control. The toilet gets damaged every time and whenever they do we attend to them immediately. I would like to inform parents and the learners that the toilets are not neglected, we already have the maintenance team dealing with them.”

When Tsa Pitori visited the School, the toilets were found clean but blocked and a bit dark inside, however the maintenance team was found in the process repairing them. Marcus Silale, one of the general  maintenance assistant said that “The toilets are damaged by the learners weekly if not monthly, they put a bunch of tissues inside the toilets as a result they block. We trying by all means to speed up the process of fixing them for learners to be able to help themselves,”

One of the parent that chose to remain anonymous said “The principal has to speed up the process of fixing the toilets. Learners are struggling to help themselves in the blocked toilets. I can’t always have my daughter having to wait for after school to use a toilet at home.”

Mr Mazondo who is in charge of school surroundings said that “The issue of the toilets has now been resolved, we trying to get learners to follow the health protocols and ensure that the toilets are clean and functioning again.”

By: Mbali Mabena.

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